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Obeihem DX


The Oberheim DX is a programmable digital drum machine and was made in the 1980′s. It was one of the first professional digital drum machines on the market, capable of recording and storing programmed rhythms,  giving a huge flexibility for beat creation. The drum machine can hold 100 sequences in its memory using an internal battery (this must be replaced regularly).

The Oberheim DX was supposed to be the improved version of the classic Oberheim DMX. The two drum machines have the same architecture but the DX has some extra features. Some of them are the individual tuning knobs for the drum tones (great for lives) and the external trigger input (pre-midi unit).  Nowadays there are also modifications available enabling  MIDI protocol. The DX also contains a number of human like feel effects such as swing, rolls, flams, weird time signatures and grooves.

The sounds of the DX are sampled recordings of actual instruments and not synthesized sounds like the other drum machines on its age. These sounds have a great quality and people tend to use them even nowadays  

By default has 18 drum sounds and 6 voices/outputs for easy studio use. Using special cards (Eprom cards) you can change or even add new sounds to this device.

One great advantage of all the DX series drum machines is that are easy and intuitive to operate with making them coveted even today!

Groups that have used this drum machine are:

-          New Order

-           Apollo 440

-           Daft Punk

-           Jimi Tenor

-           Prince, Skinny Puppy

-           Tear Garden 

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