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The procedure about rewinding a tape delay cartridge for all Univox Echo Chamber and Melos tape delays is the same and not so difficult to achieve. Below I am going to explain in details how you can do this procedure on your own avoiding to buy a new expensive cartridge or pay lot of somebody to do this for you. If you still after all feel that this is over your skills you can buy a cartridge from us (look in the product section). 


The Feltpad

It is very common in the old cartridge (Apollon HD-5000 etc.) the feltpads to be destroyed or even missing or if they are still there to be full of grease and dirt. The first thing you need to do is to take them out (if they are still there). To do this you can use a small flat screwdriver of a cutter but be careful not to destroy the surface of the cartridge. After removing them you can use some alcohol to remove the old glue and clean the spot generally. Know you need to replace the old feltpads, to do this you need to cut two small pieces of foam and glue them in the same place, like in the picture illustrated above (white foam feltpads in the bottom). Your feltpads must look like these ones, if they don't is very possible the tape don't touch the magnetic heads with adequate pressure.  



The Rubber Wheel

The rubber wheel in the cartridge must be clean too. It is very important to remember that you should not use alcohol to clean it as this will damage it (alcohol is bad for rubber surfaces). The best practice to clean it is to remove it from the cartridge, wash it in the dishwasher, wash it again only with water, let it dry and the place it again in its place in the cartridge.


The Tape

To be able the tape wheel (spool) to run free you need to put the screw that holds the plastic lib in its place, right between the tension arm near the rubber wheel and the house of the cartridge. Now you can take off the  old tape but is crucial to remember the direction that the tape was wrapped in the housing. For replacing the tape you can use the tape of a 60 minutes compact cassette (better an unused one). Avoid cassettes with longer recording time as their tape is thinner and not a good choice for a cartridge.

Now is time to start folding the tape. Make 100 windings over the tape wheel and the pull 1 (3 foot) meter away the tape from the wheel to make space. When you start dragging the tape will start to crinkle that shows how tied the windings are.


Tape Connections

Know is time to make the connections of the loose tape ends. It is very important to make them as short as possible otherwise your windings in the cartridge will be loose too and this will lead you to make the whole rewinding from the beginning. Also try to make the cuts diagonal ( as close to 45 degrees) to be able to fit together without a gap, also avoid possible overlaps.


Final Details

Know is time to put the free tape in its path and take away the screw from the tension arm. Close the cartridge and try it in your echo machine


Additional information

If you still got problems rewinding your cartridges or you just don't want get into this trouble you can purchase one new from us (visit our Product section). If you don't have a proper cartridge for your echo machine read our tutorial about finding one.




Tutorials Rewinding Apollon HD-5000 Cartridge