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Korg SQ-10 Sequencer

Korg SQ-10 Sequencer


Korg SQ-10


The SQ-10 is an amazing old school sequencer made by Korg in the late 70s to work with MS Korg series (Ms-10, Ms-20, Ms-50).

Even if it looks fairly simple and straightforward it can really create amazing results in no time. Using it it is very easy and fun to create bass lines in tb-303 like style and generally bass lines.

Featuring 3 output channels it can tweek the pitch, the tone color and the timing allowing you to create more complex sequences ! Also when is being used with to MS synth series can be connected to the Oscillators, VCF filters or LFO's creating amazing complicate sounds !

The only limitation of this small beast is that you are limited to 12/24 steps.

A truly amazing sequencer that can make you play many hours with it's playful character.


Detailed Features

  • Polyphony - None
  • Sequencer - 12 steps per channel (24 max)
  • Multitimbral - 3 separate channels
  • Patterns - 1 pattern
  • Songs - 1 song
  • Keyboard - 36 knobs
  • Memory - None
  • Control - 3 channels of CV control
  • Date Produced - 1978


Overall Rating: 8.5/10